It was a bold and ambitious strategy, but one that the FSSF was uniquely trained to do. Second Regiment was designated to lead the assault with First and Third Regiments in support and reserve roles, respectively. Click Here for More The rugged mountain mass on the south side of the Mignano gap is composed of three high peaks joined by ridges: Monte la Defensa (960 m), Monte La Remetanea (907m), and Monte Camino (963 m). German forces were entrenched on all three peaks, and they effectively directed mortar and artillery fire on the Allied troops struggling to climb the difficult terrain. In early November, Allied attempts to capture the Defensa summit were dismal and costly failures. In mid-November, FSSF was given the task of capturing Defensa and Remetanea while the British 56th Division were assigned Camino

    The north rim of Defensa is a series of sheer cliffs. The German defenses on Defensa were primarily oriented to the eastern slope because the enemy believed an attack up the north cliffs was impossible. The FSSF reconnaissance teams assessed the situation and decided the best approach would be to scale the north cliffs at night and outflank the German emplacements in a surprise attack. Once Defensa was consolidated, they would sweep across the Defensa-Remetanea ridgeline and capture Remetanea.
    A returning Forceman
    is carried up the
    steep slope