KISKA Click for More March 1943: 1 Cdn Para Bn is assigned to British the 3rd Parachute Brigade as part of the 6 th Airborne Division and fights with the British formation for the remainder of the war. April 11: The FSSF boards trains from Fort Harrison and heads east to Bradford Navy Operations Base, Norfolk, Virginia. The Force learns amphibious operations and maintains intense physical training. May 19: The FSSF goes to Fort Ethan Allen in Vermont. Here they finely hone their skills and prepare for any potential deployment. 25 May 1943: 2 Cdn Para Bn name is changed to 1st Canadian Special Service Battalion to reflect its real nature. It represents the Canadian component of the Canadian/American First Special Service Force.
    June 28: The Force heads to San Francisco for deployment to the Aleutians. They did not know the target, but were excited for the opportunity of combat. July 11: The Force boards the USS John B Floyd and the USS Nathaniel Wyeth and heads to the Aleutians. August 15/16: The FSSF assaults the Aleutian Island of Kiska only to discover the Japanese have already withdrawn. August 23/24: The FSSF leaves Kiska aboard ships bound for San Francisco. September 1: The Force arrives at Camp Stoneman at Pittsburg, California. Half go on leave and the other half head back to Vermont for training.