December 5, 1992: The Canadian Airborne Regiment deployed to Somalia on Operation Deliverance as part of a UN Chapter VII mission. During the deployment, despite earning a stellar reputation from the UN and US authorities for their security and humanitarian efforts, the criminal actions of a number of paratroopers, particularly the murder of a teenager Shidane Arone, created a negative public reaction to the mission. The subsequent political fallout created what became known as the Somalia Affair and eventually led to the disbandment of the Regiment. Click for More June 24, 1992: The Canadian Airborne Regiment is down-sized from regimental to battalion status.

    February, 1992 The RCMP agrees to transfer the Counter-Terrorism/Hostage Rescue mandate to the Department of National Defence effective 1 April 1993. Consequently, a new counter-terrorism force is born, Joint Task Force Two (JTF2).

    April 1, 1993: Joint Task Force Two (JTF 2) was stood-up and becomes Canada’s hostage rescue/counter-terrorism force.

    January 23, 1995: The Minister of National Defence announces the disbandment of the Canadian Airborne Regiment as a result of the political fallout from the Somalia Affair.

    March 5, 1995 The Canadian Airborne Regiment marches in its final parade at CFB Petawawa and is officially disbanded.