1 July 1942 The Minister of National Defence approves the creation of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion (1 Cdn Para Bn). The unit placed an strong emphasis on courage, physical fitness, tenacity and individual initiative. Col Robert Tryon Frederick 30 April 1942 Viking Force was the designated striking force for a planned raid on the French port of Dieppe. However, when 2 brigades in the 2nd Division are then assigned the task of a conventional raid on Dieppe, Viking Force is instead employed as instructor cadre to train 2nd Division in amphibious warfare. 1 Canadian Parachute Regiment Badge
    6 March 1942 Canadian MGen Harry Crerar pushes senior British officers to consider the formation of a new raiding force and the decision is made to create a Canadian Commando unit, named Viking Force. Within a few weeks, 267 volunteers from 2nd Division began training in a muddy estuary in Sussex, England. Viking Force Badge Click for More 19 August 1942 Diluted among the battalions in 2nd Division during the ill-fated Dieppe Raid, the original Viking Force commandos are not given the opportunity to do the job they have been trained for. In the aftermath of the disastrous raid no effort is made to
    resurrect Viking Force.
    1 July 1942 The Minister of National Defence authorizes
    the creation of 2 Cdn Para Bn. It is not an airborne unit, but rather a
    commando unit, but for security reasons is titled as such.
    DC3 Dakota used for jump training