Distinguished Service Order awarded to Lt. Colonel Jack F.R. Akehurst for clearing the island of Port Cros, France. Awarded for meritorious and distinguished service to officers during wartime in combat while serving under fire. In addition to the DSO, Lt. Col. Akehurst was also awarded the Bronze Star for heroic achievement in a combat zone Image: emedals.com Jack Akehurst was born in Kamloops British Columbia on February 24th, 1908 and later moved to Ontario where he joined the 2nd Algonquin Regiment as a 2nd Lieutenant in 1940. He volunteered for the First Special Service Force from the Royal Military College in Kingston in 1942. Jake Akehurst in Winnipeg, post war, in his occupation as a mining engineer in the construction business c.a. 1965. Image: Ancestry.ca.
    Major Jack F.R. Akehurst in his uniform. Paratrooper wings can be seen above his breast pocket c.a. 1943. Image: Ancestry.ca.
    After parachute training in Helena, he was promoted to Major. During the Monte Majo mountain battle of the Liri Valley Italy, Col. Akehurst was wounded by an ”88” artillery shell. Col. Akehurst walked 8 miles down the mountain, suffered two shock induced heart stoppages, while helping fellow wounded to the Field Hospital. Lt. Col. Akehurst made it back in time to command, Second Regiment on the successful 23rd of May Anzio breakout to Rome. In August 1944, Lt. Col. Akehurst became the senior Canadian Commander leading the FSSF into Southern France and with great skill neutralized enemy guns, clearing the island of Port Cros, France. Lt. Col Akehurst was awarded the Distinguished Service Order and the Bronze Star for his actions. Colonel Jack Akehurst passed away on September 9th, 1981, at age 81 in Beaverton Ontario.